Bugatti Bolide ready for production as testing concludes

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Testing of the Bugatti Bolide is complete, paving the way for the start of production of the track-only hypercar. Bugatti said the first examples are expected to reach customers in the next few months.

The lengthy testing process emphasized both quick lap times and accessibility, according to the automaker. Andy Wallace, a 24 Hours of Le Mans-winning racing driver and Bugatti test driver, said in a statement that the latter is what really sets the Bolide apart.

“All cars are difficult to drive at their limit,” Wallace explained, but even at the limits of its capabilities, the Bugatti Bolide remains remarkably easy to drive.”

That’s despite a quad-turbocharged 8.0-liter W-16 engine from the Bugatti Chiron. Because it’s tuned to run on 110-octane racing fuel, the Bolide version of the W-16 produces 1,824 hp, compared to 1,577 hp for the base Chiron, which runs 98-octane fuel. This will be one of the last applications for this unique engine, as Bugatti is switching to a V-16 hybrid powertrain for its next generation of hypercars.

Bugatti Bolide testing

Bugatti Bolide testing

Even with a carbon-fiber monocoque developed in collaboration with race-car builder Dallara, the Bolide has a fairly substantial dry weight of around 3,200 pounds. But the monocoque was designed to the same FIA crash-safety standards as LMH and LMDh prototype racers, according to Bugatti. It also has a racier driving position than Bugatti’s road-going models, with the driver’s heels slightly raised.

The Bolide was primarily designed for handling—and can generate a claimed 2.5 g of lateral grip—but still has a top speed of 236 mph in its low-downforce configuration, which is well down on the 261-mph governed top speed of the Chiron. But Bugatti hasn’t ignored driver comfort one bit. The Bolide still comes with air conditioning, power steering, stability control, and an anti-lock braking system for its massive Brembo carbon-carbon brakes—all features some purpose-built track cars lack, Bugatti notes.

Bugatti will build 40 examples priced at around $4 million each. All have been spoken for.

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