Tesla slashes Full Self-Driving monthly subscription price by 50%

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Tesla has slashed the Full Self-Driving subscription price by 50 percent, bringing it down to $99 monthly from $199.

The price to purchase Tesla’s Full Self-Driving suite outright has not changed. Still, it remains at $12,000, and allows your vehicle to experience the AI functionality of Basic Autopilot and Enhanced Autopilot, as well as Autosteer on City Streets and Traffic Light and Stop Sign Control.

All of these features are also available through the Full Self-Driving subscription program, which allows those who may be less financially capable or even skeptical of the FSD suite’s capabilities to test it out before dropping $12,000.

Tesla first launched Full Self-Driving subscriptions in July 2021, as a blog post from the automaker launched it for $199 a month.

Tesla also offered a $ 99-a-month option for cars equipped with Enhanced Autopilot.

Tesla FSD subscriptions go live for $99-$199 per month

Interestingly, Tesla decided to push the price of the Full Self-Driving subscription downward less than a day after CEO Elon Musk liked a post on X that suggested the take rate would improve if the price was lowered to $99 per month.

Tesla is continuing to push Full Self-Driving on customers as it improves and becomes more reliable with every hour it is driven on roads, thanks to the use of a neural network.

Full Self-Driving users have already accumulated over one billion miles of data for the suite to operate on. However, the FSD suite is not fully autonomous and still requires human attention.

Although Tesla does offer the subscription service, Musk has maintained that it would be smarter to buy the FSD suite outright.

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Tesla slashes Full Self-Driving monthly subscription price by 50%

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