Audi’s new concept car is a self-driving ‘lounge on wheels’ for city travelers


Audi electric Urbansphere concept car

Audi is adding a “lounge on wheels” to its recent portfolio of electric concept vehicles that are designed to portray the German automaker’s vision for the future of transportation in automobiles.

The new “Urbansphere” concept was designed for travelers in highly dense traffic areas such as China as a third living space and mobile office, according to the company.

Like Audi’s previous “sphere” concepts, which the company started unveiling last year, the vehicle is designed to be capable of driving itself in most situations.

Audi electric Urbansphere concept car

The newest vehicle is taller than the other concepts, blurring the line of a large crossover and minivan, or “multipurpose vehicle,” which create more space and are popular in China.

“Designers and engineers initially created the Audi Urbansphere for use in traffic-dense Chinese megacities, although the concept is also suitable for any other metropolitan center in the world,” Audi said in a release. “In these urban areas, where personal space is in particularly short supply, the concept car offers the largest interior space of any Audi to date.”

Audi electric Urbansphere concept car

The Urbansphere’s interior continues trends from Audi’s other concepts. It features a modern design with wood and technologically advanced features such as a stowaway steering wheel and large video display across the front instrument panel of the vehicle’s interior.

The term “sphere” is meant to symbolize the interior space of the vehicles for drivers and passengers, according to Audi.

Automakers routinely use concept vehicles to gauge customer interest or show the future direction of a vehicle or brand. The vehicles are not meant to be sold to consumers.

Audi electric Urbansphere concept car

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