Does The BMW i4 M50 Do The Famed M Badge Justice?


The BMW i4 M50 is the first all-electric vehicle produced by the M division but is it actually worthy of sporting an M badge?

To see what the car is made of, AutoTopNL jumped behind the wheel of an i4 M50 finished in a bright shade of matte blue and outfitted with a carbon fiber exterior package. While BMW could have decided to give the i4 an all-new design, the truth is that it looks virtually identical to the petrol and diesel-powered 4-Series Gran Coupe models.

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It is a similar story in the cabin. Most of the car’s parts are shared with the ICE 4-Series models but one welcome upgrade is the inclusion of BMW’s iDrive 8 system that borrows its twin curved screens from the iX SUV. While the screens look good, the reviewer isn’t a fan of the new software package, noting that it can be quite confusing and hides many important settings deep in the menus.

Driving the i4 M50 are a pair of electric motors pumping out up to 536 hp and 586 lb-ft (794 Nm) of torque and coupled to a single-speed transmission. Of note, these figures are only achieved for up to 10 seconds with the Sport Boost setting. In regular driving, the car makes 469 hp and 538 lb-ft (729 Nm). Those are still impressive figures and, according to BMW, help propel the i4 M50 to 62 mph (100 km/h) in 3.9 seconds, roughly half a second slower than the Tesla Model 3 Performance and 0.1 seconds slower than the BMW M3 Competition.

Throughout this test, the YouTuber tests the electric sedan along some country roads and along the Autobahn. He notes that they were able to hit 62 mph (100 km/h) in 3.74 seconds in wet conditions and that on a dry road, it can probably hit that mark in 3.5 seconds. Moreover, when out on the Autobahn, it is able to easily cruise along at over 124 mph (200 km/h).

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